Thrift store Birdcage transformation 

Remember this? I posted this little thrift store find I got a few weeks ago on Instagram. I had been wanting one, but the large ones are just way out of my budget. So, when I saw this little cutie, I thought I’d give it a try.  

A couple of months ago, I got some succulent leaves off my mother’s succulent plants. It was my first attempt to propagate. I will write another post on that soon. So, now that they are growing, I needed a place for them to grow into.  
Originally, I wanted to spray paint this rubbed oil bronze. It has been so hot out here and I was just  not up to being outside. So, I opted to use acrylic paints. This is what I used.  
At first, I used the lighter blue. It was way too light. Then I sparingly went over it with the darker blue. Lastly, I added a little copper. I just winged it. Emphasizing where it might naturally rust or oxidize. Not sure if I used that correctly. :/

Here is the final result! Shh! Don’t tell anyone I forgot to paint the bottom. Hehehe…

Here is where I decided to place it for now. I feel like there is something missing. Maybe a stack of books. I don’t know… What do you think? 

I used coconut liner to hold the soil. I can’t wait for them to grow!



Crystal Lamp Makeover

I don’t know about you, but I love giving old things new life! It is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Here is the story on these lamps. My mom has had these crystal lamps since I was young. I’m guessing 90’s. Early 90’s. They aren’t really old. Not old enough to call antique. Lol They were  old enough to call, what is that word again? Ugly. Gasp! Yes, I just called these lamps ugly. 

I had been looking for lamps on Craigslist with no luck. When my mom told me she was donating these lamps, I thought maybe I could give them a shot. She had burgundy lampshades on them. Yes, burgundy. So I took them home. Here is a before picture. Eek! I did a little research. Okay, a lot. It was hard finding redos on these lamps. There was one pin on my trusty ol’ friend Pinterest! Not much info, just a finished image. So I went from there. 

Below is a picture of when I pulled it apart. You want to start at the bottom. There is a bolt you can unscrew. I had to remove the felt cover first. Mine was old, but I still kept it. This lamps was in three pieces. Make sure to be very careful. It can easily chip. Take lots of pictures to remember where every part goes. You will have to remove the screws and wires above. It’s not hard, just make sure to take pictures. I also took a sharpie and labeled the wires. Not sure if it mattered, but when it comes to electrical stuff, it usually does.          

Remember how to make that knot if yours has one. It helps! When you undo the knot, straighten the wires and carefully pull the wire out. If your hardware and wiring is really old, you can replace with new ones from your local hardware store. 

   I put all my wiring in a ziplock. The image below are pieces I was going to paint. I decided to spray paint glossy white using Restoleum spray paint. 

Tip: Use plastic or cardboard as protection on the floor. I tired using newspaper for the first time and the pieces stuck everywhere on the paper! It was a mess! Thankfully you can’t really tell. Haha!

Here is the finished product! Originally I wanted burlap shades, but they were $30 each at Lowes. I found these shades for $11 on clearance. Score! I also cleaned the glass inside out with a wet rag. Then I went over it with alcohol. It helps to clean it up really good. What do you think? Post your comment and share your lamp makeover. 

Total cost:

Lamps FREE!

Restoleum White Spay paint $ 5.27

Lamp Shades $22 for both

Total with tax approx $30.00