Chocolate Covered Bananas and peanut butter GONE WRONG!

Hello again! So… All day I’ve been wanting to share something we made last night. First of all I want to say that my kids put so much effort into this. Well, except the part where my son was being so impatient. Yeah… That’s where I think it all went wrong. Anyhow…

You know how you always see those pins on Pinterest with easy DIY recipes?! They always look picture perfect! Don’t they?… So, I saw this pin a few months ago and took a snapshot of it. Here is what the pin looked like.


Seems pretty easy, right?! Well, it was! Until… My son became inpatient.

So, after freezing these for an hour, he brought them out and waited impatiently for me to melt the chocolate. When we decided to dip them in, they were thawed a little. So guess what? The chocolate would slip right off. Oh well… We just improvised and dabbed it on. Froze them for 2 hrs and ta-da!



Here is the finished product.

We couldn’t stop laughing. It looked nothing like it! I will say that they were mighty tasty!

Have you ever tried a DIY project or recipe from Pinterest? Did it not turn out? Share your story. Comment below and share your link! Thanks for visiting!



Kiwi, Mango and Banana Sorbet

Here is some Kiwi, mango and banana sorbet we made the other day. Was it a success? Well… 3 out of 4 of us liked it. One person in our family (we’ll leave names out. Lol) said it was too sweet.



So, here is what I used in this order:

3/4 of a ripe banana (I only use 3/4 because its what I had left after feeding the other 1/4 to the baby. You can use a whole)

Approx. 1 1/2 cups of fresh peeled kiwi

About 2 cups of frozen mango

2 cups of ice

You will need to use a high power blender. I used the Vitamix. Blend on high. Make sure to use the tamper. Be careful to not blend for too long or it will be more of a smoothie consistency.

Note: Don’t be alarmed if the blender gets really lout. Remember that it has an automatic shutoff to prevent from overheating.

If you don’t have a high powered blender, but would like this combo, you can try blending it and adding water and less ice to make it as a smoothie.

Try it and comment to let me know how you like it! Maybe you can create your own recipe and share! Enjoy!


Before and After Pippy…

So… I know I raved on this earlier, but I thought this was post worthy. Remember my last post was on Hannah’s new do?! Well, I let her take a nap and didn’t think to remove the pigtails. So this was the before…
This was the after a nap. Might I mentioned we were missing one rubber band! Oops! I think someone must have ate it because its no where to be found! ­čś» Oh, and daddy called her Wolverine.


My little Pippy!

I couldn’t resist but posting this! Isn’t she cute? This is the first time I made little pig tails on her. She looks like she has little antennas sticking out from her head! Oh my goodness! Shhh… Don’t tell her daddy that I trimmed a little piece of hair off… Hehe… It was in her way, so I just made it better.