Hello again

Hi guys! So I know I’ve been M.I.A. lately. No… I haven’t left my blog. I have just been so busy. Sometimes it just seems easier to post on Instagram or Facebook. However, I have been missing my blog. I guess for me personally it just seems more personal. Don’t you think? So, I would like know how you keep up with blogging each week. Any suggestion? I thought maybe I can post a reminder on my calendar each week… What do you think? As you may already know, I like to post different things here. Some of my personal favorites will be about my devotionals, my photography work, homeschool, my new love for gel nails, makeup and everything in between… Sounds girly doesn’t it? It seems so weird to say because I don’t think of myself as being girly. I think of myself more of having a creative side. There you go! Please leave a comment on how your keep up with your blog and a link. I would love to visit your blog!



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