Beauty Blender vs Ulta Brand Beauty Sponge

A few weeks ago I decided to try the Ulta Brand Beauty Sponge for the first time. I had heard of the Beauty Blender, but wanted to try a cheaper (around $5) alternative. After trying the Ulta brand sponge, I wanted to buy the original beauty blender to see the difference. So these are my thoughts on it…


Ulta Beauty Sponge:
Pros: It’s only around $5 plus tax.
Cons: The Ulta brand sponge is tougher and more like rubber texture. This makes it harder to blend, but wasn’t a reason to make it not usable.


Beauty Blender:
Pros: Very soft. Easy to blend makeup and easy to get in those tight areas like under eyes and around nose.
Cons: Price $38.00


Note: I also bought the double pack with the cleaner. I have noticed though that my sponges did stain when I used it with my BB cream. I tried washing it twice. Not sure why… You can find this here.

Since I bought my Beauty Blender Sponge, I have used only that. I prefer the original Beauty Blender. If you don’t want to spend that much on makeup applicator, try the Ulta brand or one of the other drug store brand. You never know, you might just love it!


6 thoughts on “Beauty Blender vs Ulta Brand Beauty Sponge

  1. I like the sponge from Ulta better than the beauty blender. I run in under the faucet for a minute or two and it gets soft and puffy but still retains a bit of firmness that gives a nice resistance for blending. I think it just takes a little getting used to maybe?


  2. Yes! It’s definitely a keeper and winner for me. I think you can tell the difference. I just think some people might like the other brands. Does yours stain or are you able to get all the makeup off with the cleanser? I’ve never had an issue when cleaning my brushes. I even clean it right after I use it. šŸ˜¦

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