Chocolate Covered Bananas and peanut butter GONE WRONG!

Hello again! So… All day I’ve been wanting to share something we made last night. First of all I want to say that my kids put so much effort into this. Well, except the part where my son was being so impatient. Yeah… That’s where I think it all went wrong. Anyhow…

You know how you always see those pins on Pinterest with easy DIY recipes?! They always look picture perfect! Don’t they?… So, I saw this pin a few months ago and took a snapshot of it. Here is what the pin looked like.


Seems pretty easy, right?! Well, it was! Until… My son became inpatient.

So, after freezing these for an hour, he brought them out and waited impatiently for me to melt the chocolate. When we decided to dip them in, they were thawed a little. So guess what? The chocolate would slip right off. Oh well… We just improvised and dabbed it on. Froze them for 2 hrs and ta-da!



Here is the finished product.

We couldn’t stop laughing. It looked nothing like it! I will say that they were mighty tasty!

Have you ever tried a DIY project or recipe from Pinterest? Did it not turn out? Share your story. Comment below and share your link! Thanks for visiting!



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